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How is your service?

How is your service?
Update Time:2018-01-24

1. Reliable partner: 5th Year Gold Reliable Supplier & over 10 years in manufacturing electric power rigging hardware.

2. Great Quality: control for each product, from the raw material to the final process.

3. Certification: ISO, CE material certificate, quality certificate, management certificate, test reports.

4. Price: Offer the lowest ex-factory prices with a wide range of shipping ways

5. Transportation close to the Tianjin Port, which provides great advantages to the trade.

6. No MOQ limit, special need is welcomed.

7. Quick response: all inquires responded with 12 hours.

8. Timely delivery, from mold to samples within 10 days.

9. Packing: Professional and safe packing for each shipment.

10. Good after-sales service.